The Tullyraine Practice


Tullyraine Equine Clinic originated as a branch of Rathfriland Vet Clinic, from which our colleagues cater for all kinds of animals.

When the demand for a more clinic based equine medicine increased, Hugh Suffern, one of the four partners in Rathfriland Vet Clinic, opened up his home yard in Banbridge in 1993. He modified the old farm yard into a horse clinic and stud farm, called Tullyraine House Stud. It was one of the first horse dedicated clinics in Northern Ireland.
Here it was possible to offer in-patient as well as out-patient services and with a very popular thoroughbred stud in the same yard, the client base and case load of the clinic grew very quickly.

Over the years the veterinary medicine section outgrew the yard and it was necessary to build new dedicated premises for Tullyraine Equine Clinic. These facilities opened officially in September 2009 and have helped to grow the practice.

On January 1st 2016 a new business partnership - Tullyraine Equine Clinic Llp - was formed between Hugh and Inge in order to establish an equine only vet team and offer a more comprehensive service.

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Tullyraine House Stud

Tullyraine House stud is situated next door to Tullyraine Equine Clinic and looks after the breeding and reproduction side of our equine practice. It was also the home of the late dual-purpose thoroughbred stallion Winged Love.

2016 welcomes Conduit to his first stud season in Ireland. To say we are super excited about this stallion's future as a dual purpose sire is an understatement!

The well equipped stud enables us to offer the following services:

  1. Set your mare up for optimal time of covering, for any type of covering used.

  2. Inseminate your mare with fresh, chilled or frozen semen.

  3. Cover your thoroughbred mare with our own stallion, Conduit.

  4. Prepare your mare for a ‘walk-in cover’ at another stud.

  5. Treat the mare after covering for optimisation of conception.

  6. Store frozen semen purchased by you in one of our liquid nitrogen tanks.

  7. Board your mares and foals at the stud, away from sick or injured animals.

  8. Foal problem mares (ring Hugh for information).

  9. Scan outside mares without need of appointment during these specified hours:



Tullyraine House Stud Scanning Times for outside mares

March to August Monday-Saturday: 9.00 am-12.00 pm
(First come first served, no appointment)
Outside these hours strictly by appointment only!
To book an appointment, please ring 02840624566


Winged Love, thoroughbred stallionWinged Love, Hugh Suffern’s dual-purpose thoroughbred stallion, was at Tullyraine House Stud from 2002-2015. An Irish Derby Winner himself, he was able to establish himself at stud as one of the leading National Hunt Sires in Ireland and the UK. The long list of his successful progeny speaks for itself. He sadly passed away during the stud season of 2015. He is sorely missed by all who worked with him.


For more information about Conduit or for bookings, please contact Stephanie on 07958052129 or Hugh on 07836790632

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